Friday, June 20, 2008

They think it's all over...

...but it's just the start. Or sort of. While the week of workshops and presentations is over - and a big thank you to everyone who has taken part in it - the idea is to keep the spirit of the week alive.

So, the plan is to put all the resources and presentations from the presenters online and available to everyone who attended, and then to share ideas and resources through this blog. More soon...

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Three days down, one to go...

We're 3 days into the programme of workshops and presentations, and so far it's been great. Then I would say that...

I hope that everyone who has come so far has found it useful and interesting. We'll be creating a resources site to share materials from each day's presentations and workshops to make sure there's a longer term benefit for everyone.

Tomorrow we have Jason Jones on teaching accent and dialect, David Hyatt on critical discourse analysis, Deborah Cameron on male and female conversation, and Tony Thorne on youth slang. After that, we'll be celebrating the end of the workshops at the pub round the corner!

Thanks to everyone who has attended, presented and workshopped (is that a word?).

Thursday, June 12, 2008

See you next week

Well lots of people have signed up and I think we've got the organisation of the week covered, so we're looking forward to seeing you next week.

There will be a stall with discounted copies of the English and Media Centre's Language Works pack - a really excellent resource for AS Language as well as GCSE - as well as back issues of emagazine and copies of speaker Kerry Maxwell's latest book Brave New Words.

If you're still unsure of any details or would like to confirm your booking, please contact me via the email address on the flyer.