Friday, September 28, 2007


This blog is designed to provide information on the English Language A Level workshops running at St Francis Xavier College, south London 16 - 19 June 2008.

The programme of workshops and presentations is aimed at A Level English Language teachers (and those who'd like to be!) and will offer a choice of 2 90 minute workshops in the morning of each day, both of which will be focussed on hands-on teaching - resources, approaches, ideas and tasks for teachers to take away - while 2 60 minute afternoon sessions will be more like research presentations from university linguists on areas of interest for A Level teachers.

The focus will be on helping English Language teachers keep up to date with recent research in the field and developing interactive and engaging teaching resources.

We've had lots of interest from a range of presenters and I will post an initial programme of workshops and presentations in the next few weeks, with a full programme to follow in late October. So far, we have topics such as youth slang, grammar teaching at A Level, grammatical change, regional variation and dialect levelling, world Englishes and others in the pipeline. It'll be good...promise.

We're hoping to keep the cost down for teachers and have secured QIA Beacon College funding to run this programme. We anticipate ticket prices to be something like £10 per delegate per day, with a cheaper ticket available if you attend all week (Monday - Thursday).

More details will follow soon.